How To Treat Scoliosis

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For many adults, scoliosis does not feel like a big deal. It may cause occasional pain, but it may not impact the individual's life regularly. On the other hand, scoliosis can impact others severely. These are some of the available treatment options for adults looking for relief from scoliosis. Surgery is one of several methods used to treat the condition.

Pain Relief

For individuals who do not have severe scoliosis, pain medication may be the key to reducing symptoms. Ibuprofen is a common treatment, and you do not need a prescription to use it. Of course, this medication may not be for everybody. It is always a good idea to speak with your doctor before you use any medication, including painkillers.


Exercises can strengthen and stretch your back, both of which can reduce pain caused by scoliosis. Additionally, staying active and fit can reduce the pain you feel in your back. Choose an activity you like and that does not leave you in additional pain. Running, walking, barre, yoga, and aerobics are good options to begin with. If you want to learn more about moves to help your back, meet with a doctor to discuss options for strengthening your back.

Wear a Brace

Back braces are common for individuals with scoliosis. The brace supports the spine, and it can be useful for those who do not want to or are unable to undergo surgery.

Steroid Injections

If your scoliosis puts pressure on your nerves, you might want to opt for steroid injections in your spine. This can provide a solution that lasts for several weeks, though you may need to go in regularly to keep this up.


An orthopedic surgeon may recommend surgery to deal with your scoliosis. This method of treatment is best for those who see a severe worsening of the spine's curvature as well as severe pain after other treatments fail. Surgery can relieve pressure on the nerves by removing bones and discs in the back. In some cases, the doctor will perform a spinal fusion to straighten the spine.

Often, surgery is the best option to treat scoliosis. This is especially the case if you are in a position where the doctor has tried other treatments and you do not see or feel anything improving. Regardless of whether you want to pursue surgery, you may find that meeting with a surgeon provides more insight into your options.

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