Tips For Before And After Your Orthopedic Surgery

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Orthopedic injuries can be among the most serious problems that patients will encounter as they can cause severe mobility issues as well as tremendous pain. For patients that are currently facing a severe sports injury, orthopedic surgery may be the only reliable option for correcting this damage.

Be Prompt With Scheduling Your Orthopedic Surgery Procedure

While there are many orthopedic injuries that will be so painful or debilitating that a patient must seek immediate treatment, there are many others that may not be as serious. This can lead to the temptation for the patient to delay having this condition treated. When a patient fails to have their orthopedic injuries professionally evaluated and treated, it can put them at risk of suffering far more serious damage to the joints. In fact, some of these damages can have long-term effects as they may increase the patient's risk of developing arthritis as they age.

Respect Your Post-Surgery Activity Limitations

Following your orthopedic surgery, you will have a number of activity limitations. Failing to adhere to these limitations can be devastating to your ability to recover as it can put enough strain on the healing joints to cause tendons and ligaments to tear. Individuals that are into sports, exercising or that are otherwise normally fairly physically active can find these limitations to be very difficult to follow.  However, adhering to the post-surgery activity limitations can be extremely important for allowing the patient to fully heal while minimizing the risk of the patient reinjuring themselves. As your healing progresses, you may be able to assume more of your normal activities, but this will need to be done under the supervision of your surgeon.

Keep Any Braces Or Other Orthopedic Devices Clean

Orthopedic surgery patients will often face lengthy recoveries, and during this process, they may be required to wear braces or other supports to take some of the strain off the joint. Unfortunately, these braces can become extremely dirty due to sweat, oil from the skin, and dirt. In addition to causing these braces to start to smell bad, this can also make them unsanitary, which can lead to its own health problems. Many of these devices will be made of special materials or have nooks that are difficult to clean. To avoid damaging these devices and to ensure that they are being properly cleaned, you should exactly follow the instructions that were provided by your orthopedic surgeon. Otherwise, you could find yourself needing to replace these potentially expensive supports.

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