Club Feet And Your Child: Should An Orthopedist Stay Involved?

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Having a child who has club feet can feel like such a difficult adventure for all. Club feet in children is not entirely common, but can be treated with the right intervention and can also allow your child to feel great about themselves and learn to walk and use their bodies in normal ways. With time, depending on the severity of the condition, your child with club feet may even be able to nearly outgrow their situation and appear as if they have never had a foot issue in the first place.

When you are working with your child and their bone shape abnormalities, you will work with a specialist called an orthopedist. An orthopedist is a specialized doctor who works with patients who have abnormal growth in their bones due to genetics, an injury, a deformity — such as in the case of a club feet situation — or even while a bone is healing from a break. If you have an orthopedic doctor work with your child when they are first fitted with a leg brace and have physical therapy, their work may not be done. You may need even more intervention from an orthopedist with time. Here is a guide to help you learn when an orthopedist should stay involved in your child's life when they have this treatable condition.

When the deformity is severe

If your child has club feet that turn entirely inward or even turn outward or to the back, impairing their ability to walk entirely, then you will want to have the orthotics department your hospital refer you to an orthopedist who will be able to make recurring appointments to check your child's feet as they improve. Your child may need more care and observation than other patients with the same condition might and will get the help they need from an orthopedist who can monitor all progress.

When the deformity needs surgery

Many club feet conditions can be treated with the use of braces alone. Other conditions require surgery to help make the bones and other parts of the leg and foot turn the right direction for proper walking, balance, and appearance. If your child needs surgery for their club feet, then an orthopedic surgeon will be in charge of the surgery and may also be the one to stay involved in the continued care of your child as they undergo treatments like physical therapy or chiropractic care as they heal.

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