Getting Older And Have Constant Knee Pain? It May Be Due To Arthritis

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When you get older it is common to feel more pain in your body. Some pain, however, can be frustrating, such as pain in your knee. Knee pain can be caused by many things and you have a variety of treatment options available. One common problem is arthritis in the knee. Keep reading so you can become free of your pain.


There are different types of arthritis that can affect the knee, but the most common type is known as osteoarthritis. This happens when the cartilage in your knee breaks down. Cartilage is important as this is what cushions your knee joints. Without it, your joints will rub together when you move your knee causing you to feel a lot of pain. In the beginning of osteoarthritis in the knee, you will feel pain while doing activities but over time as more cartilage breaks down the pain will be more constant. 

Your knee will likely swell especially after you have been on your feet for long periods of time. You may feel pain when touching your knee and your knee may feel warm when you touch it. 

Treatment Options

There are nonsurgical treatment options available and your doctor may try these first. This involves wearing a knee brace for a certain amount of time, getting physical therapy, and using over the counter pain or prescription pain medications for the pain. If you are overweight, the doctor may ask you to lose weight as having the extra weight is hard for your knees. 

If your knee has lost most or all its cartilage surgery will likely be recommended. To get this you should see an orthopedic surgeon as they are specialized in dealing with a variety of issues with bones and joints. 

One type of surgery that can be used that is very minimal is arthroscopic surgery. This involves making a small incision and using a probe to allow the surgeon to repair or clean out cartilage. This is the best option if you are at the beginning stages of osteoarthritis. 

If your knee is missing most or all cartilage the orthopedic surgeon will likely suggest that you have a knee replacement. This will replace the bones and cartilage that have been damaged due to osteoarthritis. After the surgery, you will need physical therapy to help stabilize your knee and build up the muscles. 

Your orthopedic doctor can give you much more information about knee arthritis.

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